BitPlayer is a movie player that provides numerous options for viewing, organizing, and exporting QuickTime-compatible movies. With BitPlayer, you can catalog movies in multiple customizable playlists, and view them in a number of ways, including full screen. You can also use BitPlayer to quickly and easily convert your movies into other formats.


Playlist icon Playlists are extremely flexible, giving you a central place to access and play your movies, in order or shuffled at random. You can organize your favorite movies into folders and sort them by relevant criteria, such as size and movie duration. You can even set customized viewing options for individual movies or groups of movies. Playlists are also fully searchable.

Full Screen

Full screen button Present your movies with full cinematic quality without sacrificing control. All playback controls can be accessed while in full screen, allowing you to easily adjust movie position, audio, speed, and other aspects of the viewing experience. If you have multiple monitors, you can precisely customize which displays are used in full screen.


Export icon BitPlayer can export your QuickTime movies to other formats, either individually, or in a group with common format settings. Movie exporting is fully multithreaded, and runs in the background, so you can continue to use BitPlayer, or start other exports while a lengthy operation is in progress. If your computer has dual processors, BitPlayer will take full advantage of the additional speed, maximizing performance and responsiveness while exporting. Exports can be placed on a waiting list, so that you can start multiple jobs at once without having to worry about waiting for others to finish.